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Update of dooom

Tue Dec 12, 2017, 11:00 AM
This is me right now 

>u< SCREAMS finally my active todolist IS GONE, and I finished customs a while back aswell eee. What is left I am either waiting for info, or waiting for their part of a trade to be done. SO RIGHT NOW I AM SEMI DONE WITH STUFF SO IM CELEBRATING EARLY HAHA. The last sprout will be made on 900.

SO That brings me to everyone I have told/asked that should contact me for edits on stuff when my lists are done, you can do that now 8D and I will fix all the things. And also please boop me if I have forgotten to tranfere ownership on things if you finished your part of the payment/trade

Now its time for Unkle to take the biggest break of their life, customs, trades and all that jazz is going to be closed until futher notice. No point in asking me for anything atm xD
pst but santagriff might pay a visit hohoho

End of year rambling

Soon the store is going to ask me for the last help before I fully quit and start Griffia as my only 24/7 job, which it already is xD Feels great to be able to work with so many awesome people, and get so much things done. I am SO EXITED to join the game myself now that I dont have a custom list, or an active todolist of doom of owed stuff (unless I forgot someone then smack me silly)

I cant believe I am still not tired of drawing these beans xD We are soon at 1000!!! the hype I am just having the time of my life. Thank you all and may the rest of december be awesome aswell!!

Next year I am deff going to stick to 5 things on my todolist at a time instead of 200+ hahahah xD And any prizes I am giving out is going to be pre dooone

Changing custom/trade/griffian order rules
AFTER doing so many, I now deff know what I like to do and not, so the rules are going to change a lot. I will create a new form and write out the rules ofcourse whenever I open again, but they will totally include the following

I am no longer taking more than x2 mutations per griffian, only adding up to 2 wearable accessories. I am no longer going to draw any held items or accept any form items either. These things are just not fun for me anymore and they make me not want to draw. x_x curse the aura preist form hahaha. I am also changing how adding images work and now will only accept collages of colors/themes/hairstyle etc. But it will be cleared in the future. I work way more efficent like that, since lists are what take half the time to make sure I do correctly.  I have messed up a few times xD sorry!


My wishlist!

Fri Dec 1, 2017, 10:00 AM
Since I have been asked many times today! here yall go!

1. That everyone has an awesome december
2. Any type of Artwork/crafts/icons of any griffian I own >u<

Team Adventure
#735 Bagbean w/m - southern right whale dolphin by griffsnuff #1 Bagbean - Walrus by griffsnuff #67 Bagbean - Jackdaw w/mutation by griffsnuff
Jonatan tan by griffsnuff Nautiki by griffsnuff Cropeas  - Species (open for bagbean owners) sheet by griffsnuff 70T Avian Terramind by griffsnuff

Team Cultured
Fuji Guardian by griffsnuff #453 - Bagbean w/m - Sockeye salmon by griffsnuff #507 Nomnom BB - Bilberry by griffsnuff #38 Bagbean - Malaysian Tapir by griffsnuff Bunble #010 by TheGardenOfFluffia

Team Destruction
#387 Tribal Bagbean - Hoobus by griffsnuff #648 Cursed Elemental BB (F) - Fire by griffsnuff #331 Mythical Bagbean w/hm - Gryphon by griffsnuff #404 Floral Bagbean - Solomon's seal by griffsnuff Griffsnuff Revamped 2015 by griffsnuff Geofinch by griffsnuff Chronopod - Pead by BankOfGriffia

Team Occult
G1- 090 Bloodmoon Eclipse by TheAnubianEmpire #503 Bagbean w/m - Cat by griffsnuff 317 - Bed Sheet by TheKingdomOfGriffia AC - 008 B-52'S - AUCTION - CLOSED by Sindonic A2- 031 Spooper Booper by TheAnubianEmpire Chronopod - Beed by BankOfGriffia

Team Pirate
38F Fishy_ Harbor by griffsnuff Salt by griffsnuff REBASE #11 - Snail by griffsnuff #228 Nomnom Bagbean - Banana by griffsnuff Giles by griffsnuff 31Puff Captain Crabcakes by griffsnuff Chronopod - Sead by BankOfGriffia 

Team Preserve
#268 Bagbean w/M - Harbour Seal by griffsnuff #853 Bagbean w/m - Asian Bullfinch -keeping by griffsnuff AC - 034 Frozen Lake -SALE- CLOSED by Sindonic #1 Perfaunt - Mizu by griffsnuff EK - 009 Happy Gul by Sindonic A2- 076 Frosted Seal by TheAnubianEmpire Berg by griffsnuff Chibi Pox by griffsnuff

Team Productive
#191 Nomnom Bagbean - Cauliflower by griffsnuff 555 - Turnip by TheKingdomOfGriffia #114 Floral Bagbean - Aloe by griffsnuff #606 Celectial w/e - Snabbage by griffsnuff #127 Indigenous Bagbean - Floophorse by griffsnuff Princess by griffsnuff Cafluffle #099 by TheGardenOfFluffia

I felt so amazing selling things last time so I am just going to go full out with this x_x I want to be able to participate in the game, but I feel like I cant with so many characters. SO I am putting more of them up for offer. I know I was close to some of these, but damn I cant even draw them all so whats the point.

I WILL be tentative on offers, you can offer art/icons/chronopods and usd. No characters please! >u< I might not accept anything right away, but keeping them up here will give me some time to think it over! 

#1 Kryptox by griffsnuff First kryptox

#657 Bagbean w/m - Fish by griffsnuff Fish  BB lumephobia trade 

#1 Parasplicer - AN - Yin Yang by griffsnuff Paraslplicer BloomDoom trade

REBASE #286 Spix's macaw by griffsnuff old version ->  #286 Bagbean w/m x2 - Spix's macaw by griffsnuff
 Kitkabean Trade

B8 Aquatic Bavom by griffsnuff Traded with Ayinai

#343 Bagbean w/m - Scaley-foot Gastropod by griffsnuff Traded with Redivivo

Streaming! OFFLINE

Wed Nov 29, 2017, 11:33 AM
Thanks for watching >u<

8D Today its going to be First time owner Flatsale raffles and  First time owner Free raffles Bagbean designs! And someone suggested I do a stream, so if your interested to see them being made, come join the link!

Please do not post links or use the comment section as a feature machine or roleplay platform. And please dont bring up really depressing topics thank you! >u<

>u< hello! I want to buy some icons of my griffian groups, and update some icons as well for my page. So I am looking for anyone who is open to do them sooner rather than later. And of course who takes Paypal! (I will not be accepting trades since my todolist is still to big, so only paypal)

I am not looking for the cheapest icons, I want my set to match with similar styles as possible >u<.
If you are able to make smaller icons than 50x50 that be great aswell since they would be cool for companions :D

Looking for something in the same boat like these (clean easy to read)
Icon_Cabbij by griffsnuff  Icon Kaia by griffsnuff Icon_Jackie by griffsnuff Icon_Damdam by griffsnuff Icon_Knot by griffsnuff
(im to lazy to make my own icons atm, so id rather buy them of someone else and support fellow artists >u< )

Please comment under with your pricing, and examples of your icons. Also include what timeframe you would be able to do them in after you get paid and also how many you are willing to do.

Massive winter griffia cleaning

Sun Nov 26, 2017, 5:57 AM
x___x I am parting with some things to try and slim down my groups omg. 

Rules before you claim anything
- Paypal only!
- Do not claim if you cannot pay right away
- First come first serve!
- Comment in the journal to claim! do not send me notes
- If something doesnt get claimed in 24 hours, you are free to offer some art things instead : D I will look through those offers later!

8D all gone thanks a lot for all the offers <3

TRADED (pending)

Boof cafluffle blue $50 lolo9494  trade arts

Boof cafluffle purple  $50 SinfulHare trade art

First fishy $250 (tentative so high price) traded with ThinkingBean  for an art
F1 Origami_Re base by griffsnuff¨

Banana pixi $70 Baraayas Trade for art
Triangle pixi $70 Egglantine traded for art

Pararamus $50 Egglantine For art
Sgsdgd by griffsnuff
Warrden $150 shoucchin  for art

Puffshimi $50 TRADING FOR art from miflore 
17Puff puffshimi by griffsnuff

Spooky caster $200 brinbean FOR art
AC 128 - Haunted Forest -GIFT- by Sindonic

Magneroo $50 Trade with Zheika for art
Magneroo #002 by TheGardenOfFluffia


Cafluffle mito $50  CJPossum

aqua Pararamus  $50 Peach-bean PAID
P9 Aquatic by griffsnuff

Cookie gryphon $50 Peach-bean PAID

Bone gryphon $50 Peach-bean  PAID
Hex by griffsnuff  Hex by griffsnuff

Elder terraneck $200 quaazera / nyazera PAID
#84  Terrakami - Elder Terraneck - Forest secrets by griffsnuff
Polar bear kryptox $150 jenbeary PAID

Cream pixi $70 Leahlinn

Tumtank $50 Captian-Cardshark transfere to Sirona-the-Healer PAID

Terraneck $50 Momoless PAID
Halloween Puck by griffsnuff

Bunbleelf $70 Captian-CardsharkPAID transfere to Sirona-the-Healer
#117 Bunble - Elf -undergrowth Theif by griffsnuff

Riceraptor $50 Captian-Cardshark PAID  transfere to Sirona-the-Healer
Riceraptor by griffsnuff

Relicelk $50 CoffeeVixxen PAID
RE - Snow Drift by Sindonic

Dolphin caster $100 Lzbloop PAID
AC - 003 - Commerson by griffsnuff

Venus flytrap bagbean (all money on this will go to BloomDoom  $200 Ainiayo PAID
678 - Venus Flytrap by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Lemon BB $200 
CylaDavenport PAID
#707 Nomnom BB - Lemon by griffsnuff

Papa Pizza ( :C cant seem to connect rip, guess pizza isnt for me ) $150 LzbloopPAID gifted to KariKurai 
#827 Nomnom BB - Cauliflower Pizza by griffsnuff

First Fornlee $200 Ni-fre PAID
REBASE #1 Fornlee by griffsnuff  #1 Fornlee by griffsnuff  Fornlee by griffsnuff

Fire fornlee $150 BloomDoom PAID
#15 Fornlee w/m by griffsnuff

Bandaid fornlee $200 2moros PAID
#87 Fornlee - First Aid Kit - FLASH AUCTION(CLOSED by Kitkabean

Herbalist perfaunt ( I AM however keeping eva the character that this is based on! ) $200 exitoricanBean  PAID
#123 Perfaunt w/m - Herbalist by griffsnuff

The ones under are gifted , if they are not wanted I will put them up for sale!

Guardian GIFTED TO Kirwick 
Rebase Guardian - Queen Conch by griffsnuff

for Kandy-Cube 
Dusk Revamp by griffsnuff

for Piichu-Pi 
#368 Bagbean w/m - White-headed Snake by griffsnuff


Parapika number 6  $50   NemesisAirArt

After dividing my griffians up in teams, These two did not fit any of them so I am selling them!

First come first serve, paypal only. Do not claim if you cannot pay right away Selling for same price I bought them for and bagbean at original price : D

Guardian $250 TRADED
G3 - 29 Telluride Colorado by Sindonic

Bagbean $70 GrauOrchidee PAID
#817 Bagbean - Colorado jumping spider by griffsnuff

>u< Thank you all! Celebrated my birthday sleeping then watched movies and ate pizza with a friend. Shes staying for a few days so I will be not so active until then :D EEE thanks again!!

Was laying on the floor while talking to Leahlinn (Shes here 8D visiting, we saw Thor Ragnarok today and ate many chocolates.) , I decided to change my mind on some of my griffians, and some of the recent ones aswell, I just want to focus on less >u<

Aria has been gifted to Leahlinn , and she will continue being  Ficus's Daughter. Name might change on her ^^

Just claim under if you see one you are interested in : D

TRIO belongs to Circus-Sketch
Trouble trio by griffsnuff General VerMousse by griffsnuff I dont have time to do fun things with this trio, so I am giving them away so just shout that you want them if your interested in doing something with them 8D

Paypal only on the ones beneath! do not claim if you do not have the money right away!

Glass Hopper #021 by TheGardenOfFluffia Glas hopper $45 Mimiero PAID

A2- 105 Bait Ball by TheAnubianEmpire Shark pixi $45 maryd39 PAID

A2- 026 Lobster by TheAnubianEmpire Lobster Pixi $60 Kitkabean PAID

Geotura #13 by griffsnuff Geotura small $45 quaazera / nyazera  PAID

#154 Kryptox - Egg - closed by Kandy-Cube  Egg Kryptox $70 GallyGears PAID

#045 Perfaunt - Raven -TRADE- by Sindonic  Raven Perfaunt $70 Piichu-Pi PAID

Lady Elliot Island Guardian by griffsnuff Guardian $250 Meroviathan PAID

#635 Legendary BB - Land Crab by griffsnuff Legendary Bagbean $200 Ainiayo PAID

#808 Nomnom BB - Apple by griffsnuff Apple Bagbean $100 Empress-Stardust PAID

Foolee_10 - Icy shores by griffsnuff  Foolee $55 Empress-Stardust PAID

I am also probably going to regret this, but the following bean, I am going to force myself to part with. there is no way I can creator stories for all the ones I have already, so I have decided to part with this one. I will hold an auction in the comment section instead of a set price.

#172 Floral Bagbean - Blue Peony by griffsnuff  
- Paypal only! (No MB)
- Do not bid if you do not have the money/Cannot pay right away.
- Auction ends when its been 15 Minutes since last bid
- No payment plans on this sorry!

SB $1
purrwitch PAID

8D auction day test?

Thu Oct 26, 2017, 12:03 PM

I will be doing 7 auctions today of random beanotypes until I reach number #799, since #800 will be the next halloween  event one! , thought i would let you all know in advance, and see if this is something I can do more of in the future. This day will just be paypal only! I might do only moneybean day ones in the future , and or mixed ones!

The end time on the bidding will be way shorter than usual! so be sure that you are certain when bidding and do not retract/back out if the next auction is something you want more. I might finish more while an auction is ongoing! So just a warning. There will be no AB on these, and It is random what Beanotype I create.

The person bidding, has to be the one who pays in the end! So if your bidding for someone else, you will have to pay for them.

[MM griff] Masterlist

Mon Oct 16, 2017, 12:02 PM


:iconmodmonstermash: :iconmodmonstermash: :iconmodmonstermash: :iconmodmonstermash: :iconmodmonstermash::iconmodmonstermash: :iconmodmonstermash:

This is the masterlist for all Modmonster griffs created by griffsnuff
Please do not comment unless you are changing ownership or have a question/concern

Comment here for all ownership changes.

Please reply with the following form:
Current Owner: @
New Ower: @
MM griff#: 000

Comment here for all questions/concerns.


Current Owner: RainbowFinch
Mutations: Wings, Different tail.
Previous owners:
MMgriff 001 - Blue spots by griffsnuff

If you are not on this list, please check the on hold version TO DO LIST - ON HOLD

moved everything back to above! its either there or my page :D

GRIFFIA family height chart by griffsnuff


Customs are getting closer and closer to finishing! I have set myself a personal deadline for October 15th! 

This means that I am no longer taking edits to any of the orders after this post unless I have already told you yes! So please note me if you are no longer interested in your slot and I will refund you right away! 

I thought It was nice with a final update as I continue my work :D

Thanks for reading!

Iwill not be opening anything this year! I am taking a huge break from lists once im done! So sometime in 2018 will I take on more customs! I will of course have sales/auctions and raffles still between now and whenever the customs open again ^^
Thinning out my group a bit more for story purpouses >0<

Please offer on the offer comments under! I am only accepting USD for these. 

Selkie Bagbean comes with Puffshimi companion Kandy-Cube 
535 - Selkie by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Lemon tree bagbean Acrz
487 - Lemon Tree by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Elemental heavy snow bagbean Caldercloud
#642 Elemental BB - W - Heavy snow by griffsnuff
First long vacation in year without any laptop or work or doing any art at all I am so ready to get back to work it almost hurts! Just finished going through all the DA messages and group things in :iconbagbeans:

8D EEE So expect Todo list stuff to start tomorrow!

Italy was way to warm for me, but it was amazing none the less since I went there with Sindonic . Hiking on Etna was my favorite part, and the food was delicious! The sea was also amazing to swim in 8D. Was a much needed break from such an active year! I have so much more work to do this year both my list and world building and quest building >u< but Im rested and ready! Thought Id make a small update! 

Thanks for the offers on the two others! I am also going to be selling this girl, I am doing another version for my sibling with the original siblings, so this gal is now free to claim. Moneybeans or Paypal welcome!;u; <3

478 - Rhinoceros Beetle by TheKingdomOfGriffia  $200 First come first serve, please do not claim if you do not have the money! MoonstoneDazzle sold

Taking offers on these two! I am taking the day off so if there is any important questions, please direct them to my mods over at Bagbeans! So I will look at the offers tomorrow! ^^

Only looking for USD, or griffia characters/swaps. Not looking for a specific amount of USD or a specific character. USD ofcourse being a higher choice since I am getting Bams to come soon! :'D 

#589 Blessed Bagbean w/m - Clam by griffsnuff Clam Traded with BitsAndStitch 
563 - Donut by TheKingdomOfGriffia Donut Gifted <3
Helping out  Piichu-Pi with
Just an Explanation, Funds Urgently NeededALright I'm sorry Ive been so vague, just been so tired and freaked out the last few days. The simplest explanation is I got hit from behind and the car who hit me took off. I only had liability so I sadly have nothing right now ; o ;
My car isn't fixable, they told me it was totaled

The whole bumper was destroyed as well ; o ; 
I AM OK! The car took the entire force and saved me from any injuries! The police we're amazed we we're uninjured ; v ;
I need a vehicle to survive, I'm the only one who can work so my paychecks are what keeps us fed and homed.
I hate to bother so many, but I have no choice ; o ;
My minimum goal is $600 to save up there are two similar cars with some problems that I can maybe get fixed. The 600 would go towards that plan which is my most hopeful plan.
If those cars don't go through sadly I have no choice but to raise my goal, the closest working car to it then goes up to $1000, if it comes to this I will put

If you want them to send the money right to you let me know so no fees are lost >0<

With paypal only! all the money will go to them!
Comment to claim them, but do not claim unless you have the full amount!

Whap $70 OwO-WhatsThis PAID
Cuddle by griffsnuff #4 Flap the whap by griffsnuff

Pixi $80 Redivivo PAID
A2 - 195 Peanut Butter Pup -AUCTION- CLOSED by Sindonic

Gryphon $ 60 onkado PAID
Coast by griffsnuff

Relicelk $ 60 floramisa PAID
Bunblebee $ 45 Redivivo PAID
Pararamus on tree $ 40 Momoless PAID
Pararamus on rock $ 40 Peach-moth PAID
The risk by griffsnuff

If you won a prize in the Spring carnival over at Bagbeans, and that is a prize that I owe you! you now have a choice between having me do them and wait until my custom list is done, or letting Sindonic do them instead and get them faster! She offered to help me out, and that is why I am making this journal! :D in case someone is interested! This only counts for any prize I have to do that is not a bagbean. So if you want your prize done faster, you can contact Sindonic by a note, and she will do it for you! This also counts for the surprise ally desgins, which she will then choose who to do. And she will be able to do all the allies so do not worry about her only being able to do her own species!  

This is just a small optional thing for those who are interested! and of course is not obligatory. I really want to finish my customs, and since they have waited longer than the carnival, that is why I have decided to do this!  If you dont mind waiting, let me know so I can still have you on my todolist!

these are the people in question!

sofftea , Ne-chi Zwaa and  exitoricanBean since you all won bagbeans/supprise bagbean designs in the carnival I will be doing those along the side of the customs, and sofftea since you also wanted your fornlee to look like your bagbeans theme, then i can always ask Bams to just do that one after I do the BB. Let me know!

Here are the current list ( If I forgot you and I owe you a prize from the carnival please poke me!) If you want Sindonic to do your prize instead, just comment down below! and I will add it! 

Zwaa (Supprise Fornlee design)

@QviCreations Gryphon
 voxame gryphon

 katie-monkey Floophorse
 SageOfMagic Floophorse
 dorumon210 Floophorse
 QviCreations Floophorse
birbean  Floophorse
Balkeir Floophorse

FuyonaBeanie (Supprise ally design )
LunarGravity  (Supprise ally design )
groenii  (Supprise ally design )
ShiroTheWhiteWolf (Supprise ally design )
Spicy-Leaves (Supprise ally design )
lalacat2000 (Supprise ally design )
I decided to update the old tracker base! Also included most the current items, feel free to just remove what isnt relevant to you! same goes for all the versions of forms and so on! :D There are some new things added here that hasnt been released yet, spoilers~ Feel free to simplify/add to all you want!You can also just take part from this and add to your already existing trackers if you do not want to start over! Let me know if you feel like something is missing ! :D

Here is some easygrab things for you aswell.
Getting Started:iconanubianempire::iconbagbeans::iconfluffletales:
Firstly, welcome to Griffia!
There are so many things you can do here, it's almost overwhelming! It's okay! Take a deep breath and take your time reading this guide.
This guide will talk about the various ways to get your first Main Griffian, and how to tackle all the group activities once you have one! Remember, this isn't a race. There is no time limit or obligations to do anything, so you don't need to rush through anything.
If you're ever confused about any terms used in this guide, then head on over to the Terms Index for a detailed explanation on what some terms mean.
And if you're still having troubles taking this all in (don't worry, it is a lot) then feel free to note the group! We mods are here to help YOU and we can give you one-on-one assistance.
Already have a Main Griffian? Jump down here!
Item Shop
Hello, I am Koin. I have all these amazing items that you want, and I'll trade them to you for some Silver Coins or Gold Coins! My shop is amazing, don't talk badly of it. I'm amazing.
Griffia Currency = GC

Each currency item above is equal to 1 GC. You must have your Peanuts converted at the -Currency Conversion- before you can use them to purchase items here.
Currency can be combined!
How to buy things from this Shop
If you do not want a snarky comment from Koin, then add the safe word "Clever Koin" to your comment!Link to Item Bank/s:
What item is being bought:
What currency is/are being used:Respond here with your form filled out:
If you have any questions or commen
UPDATED! with how much magic each charm holds! Totally forgot that so any work done before this update still counts sorry for the inconvenience! 
With magic you are able to upgrade BB's weapons, items and more! More will be added to this list! Everything on this list is ofcourse 100% optonal and not something you have to do. It will ofcourse take a lot of work to get some of these.
To learn how to Get mag points  (MP) you can find it here

IMPORTANT before you continue
1 Artwork of magic = 1 MP
If you have magic familiars or specific companions they might affect MP count!
To be able to use MP to upgrade items/familiars/other you need to upload all the art to your stash that you are submitting so we can take a printscreen and store it as used for future reffrence so the same art d

Griffian Art GuidesHere you will find an easy grab for all the art resources regarding Griffian creatures!
Griffian Size & Age Chart

Main Griffian Species Reference Sheets

Bagbean Anatomy

Bagbean Beanotype


Semi Main Sheets
BB Bavom sizes by griffsnuff
Companion Sheet
BB Floophorse sizes by griffsnuffMycamew concept by griffsnuffThe Pararider by griffsnuffReed Breeds and Paramice by griffsnuff
Support Griffian
Pead by griffsnuffMagical Familiars by griffsnuff
Enchanted Bag forms by griffsnuff
Star Mutation Guides
Bagbean Starbean mutations by griffsnuffDOM Griffian Starroot Mutations by SindonicFluffia Star Mutations by Kandy-Cube
Hollow Mutation Guides
Bagbean Hollowbean mutations by griffsnuffDOM Griffian Hollowroot Mutations by SindonicFluffian Hollow muations by Kandy-Cube
Fool Mutation Guides
Fool Bean mutations by griffsnuffDOM Griffian Foolroot Mutations by SindonicFluffian Fool Mutations by Kandy-Cube
Swirl Forms
The Queen and Prince Sandal
:iconqueenpisum: :iconprincesandal:

History of Griffia
Griffia Hierarchy
Griffian Recourses
BB Tracker base
  Achievements unlocked!BEING REWORKED AND GETTING NEW ITEMS so stay tuned!   Pea/Currency Points System + Co OwningHere you will find information on how our Pea Point System works, how Peas are affected when a DOM Griffian is traded away, and how co-owning a DOM Griffian works. You will also find information on how our Peanut Point Systems work, how you can earn these Currencies and how you can convert them into usable currency!
Quick links to jump down to:
Pea Points | Currency Points | Co-Owning
Be sure to visit the BankOfGriffia listing of the below items to find out more and see if a question you have has already been answered on the separate listings.

What are Peas?
Peas are the currency by which your DOM Griffians group activity is measured. Collecting Peas will raise for DOM Griffians Political Status, which allows them to participate in all kinds of group events, contests, classes and more! It can also give you a higher chance of ea

Banks + ItemsAll Banks and Items can be found on the BankOfGriffia account. Here you will find an easy-grab for all the Bank Journals and Item Catalogues.
Currency Banks
0-G | H-Q | R-Z
Cosmetic Item Banks
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M-P | Q-S |
Edits to Official Information (ETOI)Griffia Trial ApprovalsUniversity of Griffia Approvals HubCurrency ConversionsCC Registration
Bank Error and Name Changes
Level Store
  Terms IndexThis list is an ongoing terms index and will be updated periodically as necessary.
DOM Griffians Dominant Group Griffians
- Titans Guardians, Terradragons, Warrdens
- Mains Bagbeans, Kryptoxes, Perfaunts, Fornlees
- Semi Mains Bavoms, Angelic Glass Hoppers, Casters, Parasplicers, Fashion Fishies
SEC Griffians Secondary Group Griffians
- Comrades  Foolees, Fashion Fishies, Gryphons, Warrior Shimis, Seacretaries, Seaghosts, Terratraps
- Companions Bunbles, Cafluffles, Cloakbun, Cervisus, Dyst bunnies, Ealegs, Eeks, Facas, Facets, Fairybears, Flionfish, Floophorse, Glass Hoppers, Geotura, Gullits, Kittebrate, Magneroos, ModMonsters Medi, ModMonster Mega, Mothlems, Mycamew, Paraglires, Pealings, Pelsaur, Pixis, Pond Wubbles, Puffshimi, Puka, Reeds, Relicelk, Riceraptor, Seamstresses, Skullherp, Snyche

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Height:  (30cm - 100cm size is normal for bagbeans)
Bag type: 

City of origin:


Creation information: Original custom/MYO
Former owners:

Color chart:


Starbean mutations:
Hollowbean mutations:
Foolbean mutations:
Glowbean Mutations:

Shapeshifter griffian forms:

Add text/Art

Shapeshifter animal forms:

Add text/Art

Swirl form:

Angel form (your bagbean can travel through dimentions, fly in space  and heal others )
Mermaid form ( your bagbean can travel through any water, have water/ice powers and control the weather)
Dragon form ( your bagbean is extremely strong, can control fire, and  travel to all secret areas )
Fairy form ( Your bagbean has flowers and plants grow on them, can control nature and animals)

Skill form:

Berserk -  Knight form ( Raises Attack by 10 skullskills)
Silent - Rouge form ( Raises Stealth by 10 skullskills)
Nimble - Scout form ( Raises Speed by 10 skullskills)
Sturdy - Guard form ( Raises defense by 10 skullskills)

Aura form:

Preist Form +10 Stamina added onto existing stats
Witch Form +10 Adventure added onto existing stats 
Genie Form +10 Skill points added onto existing stats 
Elf Form +10 HP added onto existing stats 

Human  form:

Splice forms:

Bag Version:

V1 - Creepy crawly (can have any bug or spider type of legs)
V2 - Hoppotohop (Can have any type of two legs)
V3 - Flappity flap ( Can have any type of wings)
V4 - Flop flop (can have any type of fins)
V5 - Randawon (can have any type of 4 legs)
V6 - Slitherslaff (can have any type of sliding shape)


TBA (earn reports/ collect buisness cards, ratings )


Political status: Peasant

0 Peas = Peasant
100 Peas = Commoner
300 Peas = Baron
500 Peas = Duke/dutchess
1000+ Peas = Royal

Social status: Add text

 (Add talisman diploma)
Fluffian Portalpass by Kandy-Cube


LVL: Add text


Beanotype: Add text
Beanostatus: Add text
Beanomutation: Add text
Retired. Passive Abilities for Beanotypes+statuses This journal is out of date! All new passives are posted in their new journals:  Beanostatuses and Beanomutations &  Beania Beanotypes
Here are the Passive abilities for beanotypes, beanostatuses and beanomutations! All the abilities under come with the type of bagbean you own automatically!
These are the subspecies of bagbeans.

Common (size= 50 cm – 100cm)
No passive abilities
Floral (size= 50 cm – 100cm)
Based on Flowers|plants|fungi|mushroom|coral
:bulletblack: Increased rare plant/flower drop in questing
:bulletblack: Cannot fail farming /time tree wont devolve
:bulletblack: Automatic pararamus companions
Nomnom (size= 50 cm


Proficiency: Add text

HP: 10 
Attack: 0
Speed: 0
Stealth: 0
Defense: 0

Adventure points: 0
Quest points: 0


Weapon of choice: Add text

Customized weapon:

Magical upgrades:






Magic skills: From eating magic beans
Magic path: Add text

Magic points (MP): Add text

Magic Familiar: Add text

1 Questa by griffsnuff 2 Magika by griffsnuff 3 Duo by griffsnuff4 Mundane by griffsnuff5 Aurora by griffsnuff

6 Nutnut by griffsnuff7 Magus by griffsnuff8 Lucky by griffsnuff 9 Beanie by griffsnuff10 Swirlie by griffsnuff

Magic Upgrades:


Element of choice: Add text


 x 00  x00
Carnival Ticket by griffsnuff x00

x0x0x0 x0

Potions/ Vials / Bottles / Jars
 Empty bottle by griffsnuff(Add jar of fertilizer) 
Trophies/Collectibles / Medalions
   ( Add Spring carnival participation medalion, hollowbean trick or treat participation medallion, and December appreciation medallion collectibles)
Fluffian items
Caprian items


Time beans = None
Watering counter = None
Tree status = None
Tree art count = None


  ( CANT Claim this pead sorry! )
Caught date:
Original Phrase:


Pead Items:


Team Thursday Art fight entries: Add art

House rewards: Add items


Soulmate - Needs soulmate trial

Friends - This is optional
Relationship status:

Allies - Needs allies trial

Companions - Might need taming
Training: 0

Pets -   (TBA)

Smols - (collectible/earnable)



Identity trial Not finished
Builder trial Not finished
Discovery trial Not finished
Farming trial Not finished
Lesser Magic trial Not finished
Advanced magic trial Not finished
Occupation trial Not finished
Market trial Not finished
Lovebean hatching trial Not finished
Soulmate trial Not finished
Allies trial Not finished
Talisman trial Not finished


Chakra training Not finished
Terra training Not finished
Skill training Not finished
Weapon training Not finished
Mag point training Not finished
Elemental training Not finished


Smelting class Not finished
Bottle making class Not finished
Potion making class Not finished
Egg hatching class Not finished
Cooking class Not finished
Herbalism class Not finished
Magic jewling class Not finished










Collect coins by participating in the community activites! ( more TBA)

Koin's snarky shop comments:

Did you buy anything in the shop and get a snarky comment back? collect it here! 

Patch's Random fact comment:

Did patch tell you about something when you turned in your stitchbeans? collect it here!

Queens generosity comment:

Has the queen given you any prizes/comments? collect it here!

Memes interview comment:

Did meme interview your griffian? Collect it here!

BBITK Feature:

Did you appear in an issue of the BBITK? If so collect it here!

BEANGO luck:

Did you win in the beango yet? if so collect it here!


Have you donated anything on donatiom monday? if so, what?