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Submitted on
January 26, 2013


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Sat Jan 26, 2013, 5:30 PM
SO Ive been saving them up, and its about time I did them haha xD Prepare on wall of text :D

As always rules got eaten by snails!

Tagged by GiaTori

1) If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?
Feeling good by Michael Bublè, because I love that song.

2) Name three things that are at arm's reach right now, next to you.
Orangejuice, chocolate and Coffee :D

3) Favorite food and drink. (And why?)
HNNG I love food, I guess fried mushrooms and orangejuice xD

4) Favorite shampoo and body wash (brand)
Head and shoulders works and smells fine :D

5) Pc or Mac?

6) Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring?
Autumn <3 All dem colors. And the temprature is for me perfect.

7) Favorite artist and writer
I love many kinds, so I dont think I have one favourite. I am not much of a reader, so I dont have a favourite writer.

8) What's the most interesting place you ever visited?
HMM California I think. Its just fun to see how diffrent people act other places in the world.

9) Colour that best describes you.
Orange ? :'D

10) Favourite quote.
"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Tagged by lillyleaf101

1. Do you like my art? What is your favourite pic?
I dont really know you, but from what I saw I think I like this…

2. Would you draw fan-art of me?
x3 I usually draw for people who dont ask for it.

3. What is your favourite food and drink?

4. Whats your top three colours?
Brown, orange and pink

5. Whats your favourite shade? (black, grey, white)
White :D

6. What sites do you use?
Deviantart, reddit, norwegiannewspages xD and youtube.

7. What is your favourite song?
Feeling good ~

8. Do you smoke, drink regularly and/or do other drugs?
Ive never smoked or done drugs escept painkillers (which I guess doesnt count) I do enjoy alcohole, because I love the taste. Its really tasty with steak ;D

9. How often are you on a computer?
Yes xD all my 3 jobs require me being at the computer.

10. Do you play any Computer Games? What ones?
Minecraaaaft :D

Tagged by huzzellzebub

1. What's your favourite band/musician?
I dont have any faves x3

2. How many posters do you have on your walls and what are they of?
when it comes to posters and not art, I guess cats xD I got a lot of those haha

3. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?
YUUSH I have a black normal housecat, a goldfish and a koi, a stickbug and soon to get a budgie.

4. What is your preferred media for the arts?
Digital art :D

5. Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? Why?
Harry potter, I love the series, I havent seen hunger games yet.

6. What were you for Halloween last year?  
I didnt celebrate halloween last year x3

7. Do you play any sports? Which ones?
Nope xD

8. Favourite colour combination?
Pink and orange *0*

9. Most visited website?
Deviantart xD

10. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
8D Crystal/gemstones and pokemoncards.

Tagged by AliceTheWolfLover

1) want some muffins?
*0* not a fan of muffins..

2) minecraft or portal?
Minecraft :D

3) y u liek GLaDOS?
xD shes ok

4) your mood?
8D happy!

5) do you know who SlyFox is?
yes x3

6) y u a brony?
xD Im not really a brony, but I enjoy the show :D

7) fave kind of music?
Depends on mood, but I love music with rythm in it.

8) pc or mac?

9) xbox or wii?
None xD

10) y u will get no muffins! you mad bro?
xD I dont even care bro.

Tagged by :devTsiki10

1. Do you like thunderstorms ?
2. What's the scariest game you've ever played?
Slender xD

3. Have you ever been abroad? If yes, how many times and where ?  If no, what countries would you like to visit?
Aboard whaat?! xD if its ment as been to other contries then ive been to, the states, norway, sweden, denmark, germany, poland, spain, belgium and soon to be latvia 8D

4. What is the meaning of life?
enjoying life, learning and spreading happiness.

5. Who or what is your weirdest OC ?
HANZ hes a frigging chair AND a pirate.

6. Have you ever looked at a stranger for no reason.. for more than 5 minutes?
Yes! I often study people xD

7. Do you like snakes/sharks/horses/spiders/unicorns/dogs/cats/hamsters/ice cream/clowns ?
xD um..

8. Do you like the music they make nowadays?
There has always been good and bad music, and there will always keep being good and bad music. What is good and bad depends on who sees it xD

9. Ever been to the circus? How was it?
Yes, It was fun and scary seeing people so high up, I was imagining them falling down and breaking shit.

10. What is your.. nickname?
Griffsnuff, snuffen, trygve xD

Tagged by Koiisk

1. Do you like pie?
No x3

2. If you answered "yes" to the last question, what flavor?
x3 no

3. Favorite phrase?
xD no idea.

4. Do you like apples?
8D yes

5. What about kittens?
8DD yess

6.Do you have one of those animal hats with the paws?
No x3

7. Do you own any pets?
8D yes

8. Do any sports?
No x3

9. I'm done here

10. Nope

Tagged by RebornAngel93

1. Fav game show?
xD dont have any?

2. fav snack food?

3. My little ponies?
:'D I like watching and drawing them.

4. Fav Pokemon?

5. Fav animal?

6. fav comedian?
Dont have any xD

7. idk, be random plz?
Roasted umbrella baby closets

8. bow or tie?
Tie :3

9. brush or comb?

10. got baggage?

11. fav song?

12. fav show?
One piece

13.high five?

14. tired?
Nope x3

Tagged by Dizzy-Foxi

1) Are we like friends ( I'm :devdizzy-foxi BTW >w< )
xD I dont know you..

2) Do you like milk? ( =Bolt-Foxi says I have a creepy obsession of milk... )
I like milk yes :3

3) Do you listen to any Woodentoaster or TheLivingTombstone music? If so, What songs?
No x3 never heard of it.

4) Do you like One direction? ( I hate them BTW )
xD I like one of their songs replayed by the pianoguys, they made it amazing. But I dont like it when the onedirection people sing it.

5) Who's your favourite artist?
I have many x3

6) Favourite Pokemon?

7) Favourite pony?

8) First and second favourite out of ANY of my O.C's?
xD Idont know your oc's

9) Dizzy or Yashi?
No idea.

10) You decide to walk to school and when you open the door to leave you see Dizzy sleeping in your front yard your reaction:
xD uhh..

Tagged by The-One-Called-E

1. You just got tagged! How do ya feel?!
xD nothing in particular?

2. Oh I understand...Now tell me something about you that I don't know! Or just tell me something about you...
UHH I like to clean the leaves of my plants?? xD

3. Oooh cool! What's your favourite colour?
Orange :D

4. Awesome! How about favourite food? Nom.

5. Yum! OK time to be unoriginal. Are you a ZADR lover or hater or on neutral ground?  
No idea what that is?

6. Oooooh! Do you sleep on your stomach, back or side?
All of them xD

7. Hmm...Prefer drawing or writing?

Drawing :3

Epic! What's your most prized possession?
*0* I have several things. Not sure

9. Are these questions boring you? Sorry I really can't think...:|
xD I like answering questions

10. Last question! You have to choose between losing your closest friend or one of your family members. Which do you pick?
Well I would loose a family member, because my closest friend is my family more some of my family members are xD

1. How are you today? Is the weather favorable?
Im good :D its cold as hell and cloudy.

2. Ah, I see. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
crackers with cheeze :D

3. I hope that was tasty. Alright, what is your favorite song?
FEEEEEELING goooooooood

4. Rock on! Now, what is the weirdest thing you have ever seen?
xD Oh god, I dont even know what I concider weird anymore.

5. I bet that was an interesting experience. Let's get deep: what color do you associate with yourself? Why?
Orange, because its happy, and I like to be happy.

6. Awesome! Do you have a favorite winter accessory (hat, scarf, gloves/mittens, etc.)? Describe it.
I always use a hat, but i love using scarfs. because they keep me warm d8< They vary a lot xD

7. I bet that keeps you toasty-warm. If you could do something absolutely crazy and spontaneous - without any consequences - what would you do?
Walk into any story and just eat the food there xD

8. That would be epic! Okay, what is your biggest pet peeve? (hopefully it's not being tagged :noes:)
on dA it is CHAINLETTERS, and being invited to groups xD And people doing the opposite of what it clearly says over the comment section. Is it really that hard to just read?

9. Fascinating indeed. Now share the most random bit of trivia you know.
I cant think of any at the moment xD

10. Last question! What is the thing that makes you the happiest?
8D drawing and spending time with my friends.

Tagged by darking694

1. Name your favorite video game!
Minecraft 8D

2. Do you like anime?
I have no problem with it, but I dont watch much of it unless it really strikes my fancy.

3. If yes to the previous question, name your favorite. If no, then write meow!
One piece, samurai champloo 8D

4. Are you a fan of The Doctor?
DOctor who? 8D

5. Do you like cats?
yes :3

6. Do you like dogs?
I like cats better D8< but dogs are fine :3

7. Have you watched the Godzilla cartoon series?
No xD

8. Do you like chocolate?

9. Are you The Doctor?
No im a girl :C

10.  Are you my mummy?
xD no lol

Tagged by Spottedshadow13

1. I like to dance while I clean
2. I love looking at peoples hair
3. I often dream about running through peoples houses.
4. I love to sing random things.
5. I have had to many pets
6. I roleplay 8D
7. I love facial hair eue
8. I dont find bunnies that cute xD
9. I love taking showers.
10. I love cutting food with a sharp knife xD

Tagged by SkyBlue2013

1) Name one use of a fork BESIDES eating.
OPENING stuff.

2) How did you get the idea for your sona/character?
If we are talking about snuffen, then two dead foxes.

3) Why is your username what it is?
Because I loved gryphons and I said snuff a lot. SO they merged.

4) What celebrity do you think is attractive? (YOU MUST NAME ONE)
uuuhhh  I dont even know many names of that many celebritysauces. I guess christian bale is attractive.(when he has his facial hair :'D )

5) Ohohoho name a fetish you have >///w///>
WHY ON EARTH would I name a fetish lol xD

6) What couple do you like most?
xD I dont go around liking couples? I always found that weird when people do that.

7) What's your favorite sweet?
Chocolate :D

8) Name one thing in your life you would do over if you could.
Sing professionally.

9) You see on the news that I have been shot in the head and murdered. Reaction?
I dont really know you owo, so I dont think I would react..

10) Fffs I hate thinking of questions just snuggle me <3
xD um akward to snuggle up to strangers or even ask strangers to do so.

Tagged by TamilaB

1. What sport do you do/like?
xD none.

2. What video games do you like?
Minecraft :3

4. There is a red button that if you press it someone in the world that you don't know and will never see dies BUT you get I 1 BILLION dollars... Would you do it? (and why)
xD no. Money doesnt mean shit if I have to end someones life on purpous. I dont think I would even be able to live with myself if that happened.

5. What is your favorite:
   -Color: Orange
  -Animal: Snail
  -Season: Fall

6. Did you notice there was no question 3?
xD Why do people even do this, this is getting old.

7. Do you fart in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend and if you don't have one do you fart in front of your friends?
Keeping farths in isnt healthy xD

8. Do you even lift?
xD sily internet meme

9. Do you watch TV?
No, I dont have a TV

10. What are the little things in life that you enjoy? (ex: the sound of rain, the falling leaves, coffee, being in your warm bed when its really cold outside, etc)
I enjoy a lot of things, I dont think I will be listing them all x3.

Tagged by FluffeMonster

Is pickle a color?
Why even ask that? xD

Do you like music (if so tell me your fav song)
Yes xD And oh god go read the previous ones asking this.

Do you like mlp?
xD people sure like to ask this question for some reason.

what are your fursona's/ponysona's/antrosona's/etc. colors?(answer if you have one)

are you a AJ member?
Assjumper? :'D Yes I am a member of assjumping.

Can you type random things on the keyboard for me?

whats your favorite tv show?
One piece.

Who got you into the furry fandom?
xD im not into the furry fandom..

why do you like drawing?
Because It brings me peace.

Would you care if i said your name?
No xD we have names for a reason?

Tagged by Prussian-Kiwi

I DONT want to post another 10 facts so Im just going to say that I have done that so many times now that I dont know If I have any more facts ( inluding all the older tagjournals like this ive done ) XD


AMAG there xD if you have any more questions, go ahead and ask under :D

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