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February 16


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IS it an open species?!?

Sun Feb 16, 2014, 8:13 AM

TO CLARIFY BEFORE ANYONE READS since some people have a tendency to twist my words into their own meaning, if you are uncertain about something, ASK before assuming.

This does not support theft of anything! I am just stating my opinion on the matter. Thank you and might this read give you some insight on some matters.

IS it an open species?!?

This question. Every. single. time. I. design. something.

nononoononononoooooooooooooooooo xD sTAHP witht he whole SPEICIES thing. I have stopped making species, I make cartoony made up fantasy animal/creature designs, they might look like species, but I do not claim them as such. Fantasy digital creature is a good name for it. This whole species fad going about is crazy.

When you buy my designs however you can make it into whatever you want xD if you are into speices and all that. If I make species with lots of species information, I tend to make them open. (mothlems being me trying to do a closed species again and I just nope xD it didnt feel righht for me at all )

That brings me to my next point. Something doesnt have to be a closed species for you to not respect that artists do not want you to  steal it or make the same excact thing. BUT BUT buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Remember people Taking inspiration, or creating similar concepts with your own twist ISNT a crime. No one can copyright some  features (which I see a HUGE GROWING thing here on deviantart) , people who do should really lighten up a bit and all that jazz. A whole creature with made up anatomy and all is kind of diffrent than say a canine with wings or fins. No one can copyright a canine with wings or fins or dogs with scarves or beaver teeth coming out of ones ass.

This brings me to fishies which people have been asking me a lot about

Can I make a fishie? WELL FISHIEs ISNT a species, Its just a stupid name I use for a fish inspired fishy thing. So a better way to ask is CAN I make a 4 legged thing with fins? OFCOURSE XD WHO COPYRIGHTS THAT SHIT.

Going deeper, Can I make one like you make yours? This is the tricky part. I AM fine as long as you give it your own twist and do more than just taking what ive made, changing colors and doing all anatomy the same. If you are unsure if it is to similar, just show me, im not really anal about people copying things from me anymore so I really say yes unless its just a recolor. If you take inspiration from stuff ive made without asking me im usually fine aswell as long as credit is given and you dont lie about it and try to say that you made it all by yourself.

I see several artists I used to look up to claim everything they make as copyrighted and that no one can even COPY an idea, and if people ask, they scream no to them, they even freak out if someone tries to draw an arm the same way, I kid you not. I see people try to claim lines going across joints as their idea and no one else can draw them even if they are doing it in their own style. How mental is this copyright madness gotten? If you cannot handle people using your art for inspiration or wanting to atleast TRY yourstyle without freeaking out xD STOP UPLOADING IT FOR PEOPLE TO SEE. Its like they want the attention and asskissing, but they cannot handle people wanting to try out somethng they like. People try out my style all the time, I might say its important to do other things as well so you dont end up only being able to draw in my style, but god dammit everyone can try whatever they want, since when did people get thrown in a crowd of screaming mobs for copying mona lisa for the sake of trying. I copy shit all the time, I dont upload it, but I do it to learn how other artist thing, if I upload I give credit, and thats all it needs. Many just need to learn to give credit and the whole crazyness should be ok.

I want to add that it sucks big times when people just copy the hard work you did and claims it as their own and gets praise for it , and that is wrong. If you copy or heavily reffrence someones art, GIVE CREDIT. No one is going to look down on you for using other peoples art for inspiration even if many kids believe so since deviantart is going crazy and attacks people as soon as someone makes a dog with a symbol that another dog might have no matter how generic xD. IF you want to recreate an artpiece, ask the artist if you can. If they say no, no one is going to kill you if you do it offline, just do not take credit for it or upload it. Uploading copied art is not what you want credit for. Copy to learn! and then upload a piece you made yourself with what you have learned by making it into your  own thing. I do this all the time.

Moving on  4 legged fish inspired characters doesnt just look like mine, so theres no real argument to say but thats what dog mixed with fish look like and if I make one they can only look like yours.

So I want to feature some great examples of
4/2 legged animal/creatures with fish/fin inspired designs that doesnt really look exactly the same, yet all are based on same idea (added some who arent xD)

Fish Dog by yvashFin! by etherealCoyoteSea dog - Creature redesign CO by Whip-o-willSparkle Dog Contest Entry for nil by SharpieCatFish Dog creating guide by CaptainDashundDolphin Dog by Kame-KamiInkblot Creature #1 by KatePfeilschiefterFish dog by pandoras-islandFish Species [AUCTION] by adoptshopp
Betta by ldefixgimme some fish bitch by KibokuKi the Koi-dog by TrelDaWolfActual Size 2 by colonel-strawberry

these are just a small piece of so many ways you can mix the two, may it only be design, texutre, mixing bodyparts, making outfits with fish designs or fish with hats in dog shapes you name it only creativity will stop you.

LOOK EVEN VAPOREON is a 4leggeddogfishfin thingy
 nyyyaaaa Vaporeon by Shineymagic

It might be a cat I dunno, but it doesnt even have dog ears or cat ears? I dunno removing parts and replacing is a fun way to play with designs to. Just look at how many diffrent shapes and forms you can give just fins alone xD why stick to copying something already made when you can go crazy and make up all kinds of things or try! You never know what will pop up!

I myself have lots of fish inspired characters and none of them are the excact same.

Dusk by griffsnuff
Tape by griffsnuffFisk by griffsnuff
Mr. Fish' Refsheet by griffsnuff Cucumber by griffsnuff
My finnedyrs by griffsnuff
Finnedyrs are also free to make if you want to make your own  ( information is located in my free folder)

I have also designed many in the past for others
Design by griffsnuffDesign for BananaPistol by griffsnuffDesign commission by griffsnuffDesign commission by griffsnuffDesign Sold by griffsnuffredpandasalamanderotter by griffsnuffDat spunk by griffsnuff

Does this mean I am not allowed to make colorfull dogfishthings with hair? NO xD gO MAKE A HAIRY FISHDOG, But as stated over there are HUNDREDS of ways to do that if you put in some effort to try! :D

Should we be angry at people who do make closed species? NO xD BUT IF YOU Ever get attacked by someone because you made a dog with  a happy face and a scarf, those people should back off and go try make something a little more complicated to call a closed species.

To much rambeling, I just had to get this off my chest :dummy:

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PastelPup Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Honestly you've made me feel better about them, I know one popular artist who made a cat fish, and claimed it as her own species, Which is totally fine, if its made in its own special way. But I've seen others that look like the same thing. And this species has many outcomes. So, anyway you might happen to draw a cat/fish hybrid, the high possibility is it may end up looking exactly like this closed species. Which I've seen a lot lately. A lot of people are taking characters and making them into closed species. What I am not liking about this is, I don't want to draw something, and be completely unaware of someone having a species that resembles this said character, and having them up my butt (or anyone.) that that species is theirs and you either need to delete it, pay for it(?) or credit them. If not that, get their fans harassment. So, honestly I am not big on this. Yes, I am okay (still not totally accepting because of this.) But I will still respect them and not judge someone for making a closed species. Unless, it looks like something others could easily make and have no idea this is a closed species and then get harassed (if you will) because of this. Then I have an issue. But I have a little insight now, and I will refrain from commenting if it is negative, but I still think making closed species can end up being a bad idea. That is just my own opinion. And I will respect people who choose to make a closed species. Given they know someone can make something similar without the knowledge that it was even proclaimed as a closed species. 
aHoneyBadger Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*a long respectful slow clap for this entire journal* 
CrayonKat Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I apologize I'm confused. Making a closed species in general is a bad thing?
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
No xD But some go crazy angry when people do close things thinking they cant make something similar because it has happened and does still happen that people are trying to copyright certain mixes of features and attack people who use them.
CrayonKat Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! Thank you for clarifying. :3
truffie Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehe, I was feeling nervous that people might think I copied you when I made this. XD 
But I guess it's okay. C:
She's a present for you~…
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
^^; thank you but I already have a lot of characters. If you want it to be used active, you should maybe give it to someone who has less characters than me
truffie Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, would I be allowed to sell her? :3
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
Yes :3
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