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Submitted on
January 6, 2013


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Sun Jan 6, 2013, 3:29 AM
Edit: Have some more points now to give away, and seeing so many entries, im adding two new cathegories you can win in.
8D I love icons, I love them so much *squirlms* So why not do a icon contest for them icon/pixel artists out there!

:bulletorange: No bases allowed sorry. It has to be entierly your work.
:bulletorange: Crisp pixel lines have a higher chance of winning.
:bulletorange: You can do with or without background, that is up to you.
:bulletorange: Choose one of my animal characters for the contest…
(snuffen and jonston has their own folders)
:bulletorange: You can enter as many times as you want.
:bulletorange: I will judge four diffrent parts, animated and non animated, Headshots and group icons. ( All these still needs to be 50x50, so if you are doing a group icon, all characters needs to be inside that spot, or it will count as seperate icons.
:bulletorange: Post your entries in this journal please.
:bulletorange: The file you upload must be 50x50

I will simply choose the ones I love the most.

January 23rd

8D click on link to see entries…

:star:Prize for cutest icon:star:

:star:Prize for most beautiful icon:star:

:star:Prize for drawing the chosen character icon:star:
100:points: for each person who ends up choosing that character to draw.

:star:Prize for best background on icon:star:

:star:Prizes for group icons:star:
this meaning you draw 3 or more characters in one icon.(both animated and non animated)

1st. 1500:points:

2nd. 700:points:

3rd. 400 :points:

:star:Prizes for Headshot icons:star:
Icons showing the head of the character (both animated and non animated)

1st. 500:points:

2nd. 200:points:

3rd. 100 :points:

:star:Prizes for animated icons:star:

1st. 1000:points:

2nd. 500:points:

3rd. 300 :points:

:star:Prizes for non animated icons:star:

1st. 800:points:

2nd. 400:points:

3rd. 200:points:

:D you can check out my already exisiting icon collection <3
Collecting all icons in one place :DIf you sent me an icon or made me an icon that is not under with the others, let me know and I will add you.
I felt like collecting them like MizAmy has. I will also add new icons I get/buy from people here aswell ^^ so this will be my icon collecting journal xD <3 herpderp
:A Wild Snuff Appeared!: by PrePAWSterous- CE - griffsnuff by VlSl0NCon - Snuffen by JoNmlRCE: Griffsnuff by Bienoocontest entery for snuffen by BLUE-MOCHANOMNOM by BananemHats are for Wearing -CE- by TheMidnightMageSnuffen by MiyeongNomnom by SmusheyGriffboing by yeagar:CE: Snuffen - jumping icon by TheFailedDream:thumb348085275:C-Entry: Snuffen by Cittyyfasterportalsnuff by ArtsyAxolotlYou're A Wizard Snuffy by ForTheLoveOfWalrusSnuffen Ball by SwoolineGift For Griffsnuff by AusieOtterPieSnuffen by Locomatic:thumb368360466:
random gift by kudohazamasanSnuffen Icon by toucSnuffen .:CE:. by shibe-intensifiesDancing Snuffen 8D by CainttMai fish: griffsnuff icon contest entry by MizalAlexieeSnuffen1 by ClefairyKidSnuffen2 by ClefairyKidSnuffen3 by ClefairyKidSnuffen - contest entry by Kiytt:CE: SNUFFEN by PuffySmoshSnuffenPedoWink by HalliovaSnuffen eating your hats... by SkaieBluePixle Gurrfsnuff Contest Entree No Sise Varrations by Creepsalote78snuffen icon by Avian1131:thumb348

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Bananem Jan 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yay group icon [link] :) I think... is it?!?
Well its a icon...
racotaco Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i hope this is k ;u;
racotaco Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im just finishing it off, itl be up soon :3
sweetcandyteardrop Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
Here's my entry: [link]
I hope it's not too late, it's still the 23rd in my country :giggle:
Kinla Jan 22, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
last one x.x

Entry without bckg: [link]
Entry with bckg: [link]
Am I late?
Chirpys Jan 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
might join in!!
MikeyOpossum Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
racotaco Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wait I am half way through the icon, and I having finished yet cus I thought the deadline was on 26th ;;
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